Sewing with Jane Means Ribbon

I love ribbons and since I started sewing have always looked for ways to sew with them. The links below are to blogposts where I have sewn or used Jane Means ribbons.
Since the Summer of 2012 Jane Means has been working with a number of bloggers who use her ribbons in their work. I am so pleased to be a member of the Blogging Team and a ''Ribbon Blogger' and delighted to be associated with Jane whose ribbons were also used in The Great British Sewing Bee.
All the projects were sewn or made by me with ribbons supplied by Jane Means.

Ribbon How-to's

How to Sew Ribbon Straps On a Dress, Top or Tunic

How to Select Ribbons for Sewing, with emphasis on Colour (color)

Making Ribbon Laces for Shoes

Making Gift Bags with Jane Means Ribbon Handles

Adding Ribbon Detail to Tea/Dish Towels

How to Sew a Bridal Garter with Ribbon

How to Sew a Ruffled Ribbon Valentines Day Card

How to Sew A Ribbon-Heart Garland

How to Sew Ribbon Lanterns

How to Sew a Simple Christmas Card

How to Sew Ribbon Trim on a Skirt or Dress Pocket

Sewing with Ribbon and Other Uses for Ribbon

A Ribbon Belt

A Hobby Horse with a Ribbon Bridle

A Drawstring Bag with JaneMeans Ribbons

A Simple Ribbon Bow on a Cake Stand, to match a Doll Birthday Cake

Adding Ribbon Detail to a Child's Vintage-inspired Raincoat & here

Hello Kitty Purses with Simple Ribbon Bows

Ribbon Stripes on Boy's Shorts

Alternative Gift Box for a Baby Dress (Ribbon on a Shoe-box)

Cosmetic Bag trimmed with Cat Ribbon

Ribbon-trimmed Bubble Dress in Liberty for a Baby & here

Alice in Wonderland Costume with Applique Ribbon Heart and Ribbon Trim

Vintage-inspired School Uniform with Hidden Ribbon Hem and Belt Details

Ribbon on a Child's Witches Hat

Ribbon Drawstring Bag

Ribbon Trim on a Gingham Dress

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