Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Accessories for the Silk Chiffon Dress

So the dress is still in progress, with yet another 'try-on', and my friends 16 year old daughter saying the dress was 'amazing' on her mum!

I put together the bag and scarf that I promised her. These also took some time and thought and planning.

The scarf involved a lot of measuring, and remeasuring to make sure I got the sides and ends equal. And I had to figure out how I would sew it so no seams would show. The sides would have worked better if I cut them on the bias, but luckily they didn't pucker too much.

It took me quite a while to figure out what kind of bag to sew. I looked through some sewing magazines but really couldn't find anything that would suit. When I had asked my friend if she would like me to sew her a bag, I also asked her if she was a 'kitchen sink' kind of person, or 'mascara and mobile phone' kind ........... so I knew she'd like a small bag.

Basically I stood in front of the dress and imagined what kind of bag would go with it. I also had to figure out how I would use both fabrics.

I made and lined the bag with the solid satin fabric and sewed on a strip of chiffon. There's a pink pocket inside, which I forgot to take a picture of. The straps/handles involved turning a very narrow strip of fabric, a wire hanger my husband straightened, and quite a lot of brute force.

And I was hoping to use a zip, but having none of the right colour, I used Velcro. I hope she won't need the bag much in the church, as the sound of ripping Velcro, might make everyone turn around to see who tore their dress.!

She was so delighted with these, and didn't mind the Velcro at all.

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