Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Vogue ......... my eye!!

The children have been on mid-term from school all week, so it's been a pleasant break from making school lunches, having 3 different collection times and homework.

Though I made this Vogue dress, I can't say I've been doing a lot of sewing, because it was a fairly quick dress to make. It would have been much quicker if I had thought to look on the Pattern Review site first as a few people sewed the neck differently, and changed how they finished the armholes.

Vogue 8571

I bought the pattern on Sewing Patterns .com, which often has amazing offers on patterns. The pattern is described as Easy Vogue, but a beginner would have a lot of trouble with it, especially the neckline.

The recommended fabric is knit and I used a viscose jersey fabric that my husband bought locally for me for Christmas. The pattern recommends interfacing the neck pieces. So to get them to lie flat involved copious use of a seam ripper, (much swearing!) and clipping and trimming seam allowances, and cutting notches in the seam allowances which eventually worked.

The armholes also caused some difficulty, as the pattern suggested folding the fabric and stitching. This wouldn't have worked firstly because the fabric was too light for it, secondly because I didn't think there was enough fabric for it and to also cover the 'fleshy bits'! What I did was cut some fabric strips on the bias and sewed them around the armhole, and I'm really happy with how they look.

I'll need to line the skirt of it to wear with tights, otherwise it will stick too much to them. A side view would show how flattering the style of the dress is, but I didn't think of it at the time.

My 5 year old happily took the photos, and more were blurred than not, as he wanted to be jumping on the bed with his sister.

My 'break' from homework ended during the week when he wanted to start reading and picked up a book called The Munster Republic, so a search for a more appropriate starting book led to the 11 year old finding a Dr Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham which the 5 year old is about half-way through, and taking it everywhere with him.

That just might be reason enough to 'have' to buy some of that new Dr.Seuss fabric!

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  1. The fabric you chose is really beautiful! My mom always said there is nothing "easy" about a vogue pattern! :-)

  2. Karin, I'm really glad you like the fabric, as I wasn't sure about it at all. Your mom was so right, I won't be fooled by 'easy' again :-)
    This is the first Vogue pattern I've sewn and I have 2 more I want to try. They seem to presume a lot of the 'basics'!

  3. It's a lovely dress!

    It's nice having a break from the school week grind. My kids don't have off any time at all until around Easter and I could use it. I have to laugh about books...we have a hard time finding series for the 2 older ones to read. Especially my son (9), as he is very picky but does love to read. Maybe I need to gently demand, I mean request:), that they pick up some of Dr. Suess's books and read to the little ones!

  4. Thanks Cindy. You'll certainly need a break by the time Easter comes around - that's a long school term.
    9 is a hard age to find books for. There's a Young James Bond series that my older 2 read, and Harry Potter, of course. But there's no harm at all in a bit of reading to the younger ones :-)