Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunglasses needed ...... Another Elodie

This fabric did NOT look so bright and luminous, either when I bought it or when I was sewing it up. But now, I can't get over how shockingly dazzling it is.

I intended it as a dress for a family occasion, but the colours made it the perfect Easter Dress for my daughter, and I think it's the twirliest (I'm sure that's a word) dress I've made for my daughter. She loves it, and managed to keep it clean enough to wear it 3 days running.

The hat pattern is from the newest Ottobre#27 3/2011, easy to make and one I will make again. The bag is the same pattern that I've used a lot lately and adapted from a Japanese Pattern Book. The fabric is from

Another dress I really enjoyed making.

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  1. Wow! It's a stunner. And there is a hat and purse to go with it! And it twirls! This is a little girl's dream come true. You are such a nice mummy.

  2. It's beautifully bright, and your daughter carries it off perfectly.

  3. It's a wonderful dress and so bright and cheerful! I adore it!

  4. What a wonderfully twirly dress!

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments,

    Karin, it does tick all the boxes alright! I'm just so glad she is happy to wear what I make, it will be all school uniforms next year :-(

    Mise, unlike me, she's not a bit shy and retiring, so she doesn't get lost in these loud colours!

    Cindy, thanks, I did think it was a bit too bright. It almost radiates cheerfulness, such a great mix of colours.

    Millie, she had tried on the other 2 Elodies I made for her cousins, and couldn't believe that she had her own. I think we've moved from 'pink' to 'twirly' !

  6. Wow, this is such a bright, gorgeous dress! and will all these extras! I love it!
    I love girls in twirly dresses :-)

  7. Thanks, Michal, I know you love this patterns too. I hope you get them made for your girls.