Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Starting to Sew - a therapy!

I didn't really mean to start blogging and I think I have missed the boat and should really be Twittering! I was trying to post a comment on and ended up creating an online identity. So I decided I may as well . . .blog.

I started sewing about 5 months ago after a break of maybe 25 years, put it this way, I was making doll's clothes the last time I sewed, and it was on one of those small pink toy sewing machines - I must find a picture! Every sewing skill I had, and never had, all came back to me. I haven't had a hobby since having the children - couldn't really get to the cinema, didn't seem to have time to read, was eating most of what I baked - now I have a hobby. I had forgotten what it was like to get really immersed in something. It has been like another therapy.

A diagnosis of depression in September '08 has meant weekly visits to a counsellor, but sewing has helped me deal with and not dwell on the awful negative thinking that it such a part of depression.
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