Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The First Dresses after 25 years

My mother gave me a basic machine that she wasn't using and I got some remnant fabric from Hickeys in Cork . The pink dress was the first I made, imagine with no pattern, just with a dress of my daughter that I liked.There was lots of measuring and remeasuring and it's still way too long. The Butterfly design at the side is just some matching trim I pinned and sewed in a butterfly shape. Mind you, you wouldn't want to look to close, the seams could be finished better!

The orange dress was the second I made, again with no pattern, but lots of measuring. I cut up an orange t-shirt that I had worn when pregnant (and never wanted to see again!) for the top and binding for the sleeves, and used a remnant piece for the skirt. A little bit of lining and net underneath, with a button on the side and violá ....except it's also too long!
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