Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Sewing and Baking

and cleaning, and tidying, and visitors, and more baking, and hiding presents, and listening to Christmas songs, and icy roads, and goodbyes in airports and feeling more in control, and silencing 'the critic' more effectively, and remembering to breathe, and staying in the present with the scent of Christmas cooking and trees, and appreciating my family soooo much.
I made these aprons and hats for 3 of my nieces, with ponies because they have a pony they love. The littlest one, 3 years, tried hers on immediately when she got her present and had such a beaming smile on her face - a picture.

Christmas is about traditions and one in our house has become the Christmas log. Always very chocolately and scrummy - I think I make it more for myself. Their favourite part is when I shake the 'snow' over the cake.

A heartfelt wish for a happy Christmas to you and your family.
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