Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life has a habit of getting in the way

So there I was, waiting for the year to 'take off', itching to start sewing, looking for inspiration, browsing through Japanese pattern books, looking at online fabric sales, just waiting for the lightbulb moment when the pattern, fabric and idea would collide and I could start. Maybe some spring clothes for my daughter, maybe a top for a nieces birthday........

Well, life just happened.

Husband on total bed-rest with back pain, can barely manage an assissted shuffle to the bathroom. Decides to stand outside for a cigarette and collapses ( while I was being the good nurse -qualified a good few years ago- and airing the room!!!!!!)- managed to get him back into bed where he went all cold and clammy and out of it. He came around after about 10 mins, Doctor came to see him.

So now it's 3 days later, not much improvement and it could go on for another few days at least. I hadn't realised how much I was depending on him to do shopping, cook some meals, just being around and there to lean on.
And there I was, looking for some chink of light , almost praying for some help to get me on my feet. It is so truly right -'Be careful what you wish for' - I absolutely did not see this coming.

Find I'm able to notice negative thoughts - especially to do with worring about driving on icy roads, worrying about water pipes in this big freeze, worrying about managing shopping and family stuff, and then I notice the low feelings that go along with the thoughts and try a happier version of the thought - and it helps to lift the heavy feelings that go along with the negative thinking.
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