Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Light and dark, Snow and Storms

I love snow. I absolutely love snow. I had forgotten how much I loved snow. We had 4in/10cm of snow on Sunday afternoon, so in between helping my husband out of bed, getting hotpacks, meals .....and all the usual, I got my four dressed up in layers and layers - at least 7, and not forgetting socks for gloves - we went out in the snow - and they loved it too - the crunching, the shovelling, the snowmen, the throwing, the exploring, the waving in at 'Dad', the falling down, the snow angels.

We had so much fun.

We were snowed in (well, I wouldn't drive in it!) for a day, and thankfully no pipes froze, and we had plenty food - so we could just enjoy it. When they were all in bed, I took a few moments out the back to run in the snow and kick up the snow and to feel how good that was and to allow myself to feel the goodness of it.

That good feeling didn't last into Monday, and I realised I had been thinking negatively and being critical of myself, without being aware of exactly what I was thinking. I am now beginning to recognise the heavy feeling that lets me know I've been hard on myself. I need to be more vigilant in noticing the thoughts that go before.

Rain and strong winds have melted the snow, but what great memories we have.
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  1. Well done for getting so much pleasure from the transient snow, and I hope your husband is better soon. It sounds like tough going.

  2. Hello Mise, it can be tough alright. I'm learning to 'see' the lighter moments, and to try to hold on to some of that lightness when things are not so light!