Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Birthday and a Wedding Anniversary

My second boy was 10 on Monday 25th, but he had a party on Saturday with 3 school friends. So there was plenty baking, lots of tidying, attempts at planning and it was a great party - according to the birthday boy!

This year the theme for the cake was Star Wars, and it had to have the Yoda figure. I usually do the cake late at night and waking up early to look at how the cake turned out has become a happy ritual for each of the children.

The eldest has a great sense of humour which rubs off onto the second, and he couldn't resist the chance to put the line from Simpsons on the cake..........

The anniversary tends to take second place, though I did another cake on Monday night for after tea, which was a combined birthday & anniversary cake. It's 13 years this year, and we know each other 20 years, also this month - after meeting at a bus station. Lots of good times and lots of not-so-good times, but I'm glad we've made it together this far.
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