Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gift finished

Though I liked the eyemask I made , it needed a few changes - a little bit longer and a different shape around the nose for a better fit - so I redrew the pattern.

I decided to make it with organic cotton, mostly , I suppose, to make sure it wouldn't irritate sensitive skin.

The organic cotton is from Volksfaden (Westfallenstoffe stripes tangerine), the red binding is from DotsnStripes and the red gingham was bought locally (my own bias binding).

I also thought that trying to tie a ribbon ( as in the Burda pattern) might get annoying so I made an elastic band for the back instead.

The neck pillow was made as in the pattern from Sew4home, without any changes, and also made with the same organic cotton and the filling is polyfill. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and I'd even consider making one for myself as it seems to support the neck nicely.

Now, there's getting it wrapped, writing a card, and putting it in the post. I could think of so many reasons not to send it - it's a stupid idea, she won't like it, she'll never use it, and on, and on - that the sooner I post it the better...
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  1. You are not alone..I have two baby gifts waiting to be delivered, what if they think I'm a cheap-skate, what if they see the faults, what if they just don't like it!?
    Your gift looks wonderful to me and I'm sure your friend will love that you made it.

  2. Thanks Millie for the vote of confidence in the gift:) I sent it fairly quickly to her so I couldn't think of any more excuses not to. I bet your baby gifts are beautiful - most people seem to appreciate the time and thought that goes into making them.

  3. I know you're right...mine are labelled, wrapped, cards made and written, but still not only excuse is that it's never the right time to visit someone with a new baby!