Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bitter and Sharp

- and that's just the lemons - I hope ........!

I seem to have a thing for lemons the last few days. We recently celebrated Shrove Tuesday, so there was lemon and sugar on the pancakes. My eldest boy wanted cocoa added to some of the pancake batter and it made really tasty chocolate pancakes which were a hit, especially with chocolate sauce and sugar or with maple syrup.

Back to lemons - I have been craving more lemons and went on a search through my recipes. A local cafe - Hosfords - does a delicious lemon polenta cake, so I decided that was it yesterday evening.

There was boiling the lemons (huh?), processing the lemons skin and all (bigger huh?) not the seeds thankfully, and then having to put the mixture through a sieve because there were just too many lumps. The recipe called for extra-virgin olive oil - I used olive oil, eggs and sugar and polenta and baking powder.-actually not polenta, but ground almonds - I substituted polenta for the almonds.

It was barely out of the oven and I was tasting it - polenta a teeny bit gritty, olive oil a bit strong, a teeny after-taste of lemon pith - maybe I'm too critical-the younger two loved it and came back for more. I couldn't resist it because of the lemon taste.....

It tasted much better after being left for a day!
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  1. Ooooh, I love lemons and sugar together. makes me think about making some lemon macaroons if i can get the energy...

  2. Lemon polenta sounds great, a perfectly yellow combination. And sewing for your friend was a fine idea - doing says so much more than saying.

  3. pink - I still have lemons left, but never tasted macaroons - they sound delicious.

    mise - I've nearly finished the gift for my friend - just try and guess the colour?? I must be thinking in yellow:)