Thursday, February 18, 2010

What to do... How to help...

How to make myself feel better even though there's nothing I can do....

I got a phone call from a friend & work colleague about another friend and work colleague, that her cancer has returned and she is to be treated with chemotherapy aggressively. She’s devastated.

It is a helpless place to be knowing I can’t say or do anything to help. Simply telling her that I am thinking of her doesn’t seem enough.

I decided to do what I do best at the moment – sew an eye mask and a neck pillow made with all the love and hope I can muster to simply let her know I am thinking of her.

I made an eyemask very quickly last night. (fabric is Heather Ross, binding is Lecien from Superbuzzy, and the satin ribbon I got locally)

Rather than a ribbon, I might make one with elastic, and maybe use some organic fabric I have. The pattern is Burda 8/09, 146, but is a little on the small side, so the next one could also be 1cm longer.

I found a pattern for a neck pillow on 'sew4home' which might do nicely.

Today my brain and my thinking seemed to be taking a rest – less constant negative and harassing thoughts – maybe it was focusing on somebody else, maybe it was making and sewing which helped me feel I was doing something for somebody. I’m just glad that there was a let-up on those thoughts - Pin It Now!  

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