Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nothing like a deadline to get things done

In the last year I've sewn for most of my nieces. One of the older nieces is 10 this year(this week), and I hadn't made anything for her. I thought maybe she might not be into handmade stuff - well I was wrong!

She was really, really enthusiastic when I suggested I might make something. I asked her what colours she was into and she said blue, that she didn't mind flowers, and dark or light colours would be fine, but not pink.
Because I mostly sew for my daughter, I have a lot of pinkish fabric, so I didn't have a lot of choice. I had a look in my wardrobe and out came the perfect fabric in the form of a large unflattering dress that I last wore probably about 10 years ago - no picture though!

I had been thinking what might suit her from the Ottobre magazines and I had wanted to make no 33 the "Kerry" floral top from issue (3/2009),

(This is the front)

so that was decided on (by me!).

(This is the back)

Though the pattern is for a knit, the dress is stretchy crinkly viscose, so it should be ok. I also cut up an old top for the navy trim.

(The navy trim at the hem, with stretch-stitch topstitching. The hem was from the original top - that saved me some work)

(Back shoulder detail)

It was easy and quick to sew, despite the shirring,

(Front view of shirring)

though I'm not very happy with the sleeve edges. Hopefully it will fit ok.

I couldn't exactly give my niece something that cost zero - (well I suppose I could) so I also made her another top, which I must take pictures of tomorrow.
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  1. That's ever so well done - it looks really professional and trendy with that trim and the cross-straps.

  2. I don't sew with knits much, or stretchy fabrics at all, so it did turn out surprisingly well:)