Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ottobre Sewing and another birthday top

I mentioned that I made a top from recycled - or should that be 'upcycled' - fabric which cost nothing, so I also made my 10 year old niece a second top.

For the second top, I had been thinking what might suit my niece from the Ottobre magazines and no. 34, the jersey tunic from the current issue (1/2010) seemed to be the best. This pattern is also for a knit, but I've taken a chance and made it in babycord, as the pattern seems to be wide, with elastic at the neck and at the hem, and my niece is a tall and narrow build.

I bought the fabric from DotsnStripes and it's from Bizzkids.

The hem detail - showing that it is longer at the back.

Because I didn't use a knit, I had to be very careful making the casing for elastic at the neckline, but it just about turned out ok.

Best of all, it fit like a dream - considering I couldn't measure her- with the shoulders hanging just perfectly on her, and ...... she wore it for her party - that's the best thanks I could get.
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  1. That looks beautiful! you did a great job.

  2. Thanks, Kathy, I'm really pleased with it too, and it's such a simple, non-fussy pattern.