Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to school

I was going to also title this post with a "What was I thinking??" I decided my 5 year old - who was just starting school, should get a schoolbag made by me.
On this occasion the pictures do the bag way too much justice! The fabric (from DotsnStripes quite a while ago) is a heavy almost canvas-type cotton, with I lined with another heavy cotton and interlined with yet another heavy cotton.
It's still a bit floppy though for my liking! The proportions are a bit off as I cut the back and front flap sections too short. When I realised that, I put on the bias binding a bit haphazardly as I didn't think the bag would be usable. As it turns out, my son was delighted with it.
He is my third in school and is having a very different experience to his older brothers. He loves going in, delighted to come home, and then instead of the exhaustion, he has boundless energy (in a good way!) for the rest of the evening. He is just so happy to be going to school like his older brothers.
It was difficult letting him at school, but he didn't mind us going.
A strong coffee, with a hot raspberry meringue was quite a help to me!
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