Monday, October 25, 2010

Lots of Oliver+S

First I entered this O+S giveaway, then I ordered some O+S patterns, then I won the Blue Gardenia O+S giveaway!

Firstly about 'The Blue Gardenia', I had read and come across previous posts, but at the moment there is a great series of posts on the Sewing Spaces of bloggers (and sewists) that are very familiar - Gertie, Peter, Liesl, Sarai, Myrna, Sigrid, Erin - and more that I'm forgetting, but all are fascinating and insightful!

I ordered a couple of Oliver+S patterns from Backstitch when I read that some were going out of print.

So I got sewing and made a Puppet Show Dress. None of the pictures are great, because the colour was difficult to photograph.

A very sweet dress, and yes, I really went to town on pink and animals.

Sewing the inside so all seams were hidden, meant French Seams and Bias Binding on the arm seams.

The bias facing on the hem is a great idea from the pattern designer.

So, that is butterflies, frogs, owls and hearts - all on pink. Owls and hearts are courtesy of Farbenmix ribbons.

I have visions of the future, her looking at pictures and asking me "What on earth were you thinking?

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