Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby dress, Baby pants, and baby shoes

Another niece and her Christening means sewing and more sewing.

I originally had a metre each of these 2 fabrics. Firstly I made these for another niece, then I made this for my daughter, and I just had about enough to make the little dress, pants and shoes, with a bit (loads) of creative matching of bits of fabric, especially for the pants and shoes.

That makes 3 dresses, 1 dolls dress, 2 hairbands, 2 hats (one not pictured), 1 baby pants, 1 pair of shoes from 2 metres!

OK back to baby clothes ...

The dress pattern is Ottobre 3/2007#1, which I also made for another niece's christening. The last time I made it reversible, this time I didn't, but I lined the top part instead, to help hide seams inside.

This is a great baby pattern, easy to sew and should be few fitting issues because of the wrap-over at the back.

The Baby Pants pattern is Burda 6/2001#151. I lined these with the gingham fabric mostly to hide the seams where I was matching bits of fabric. The lining makes the pattern much simpler to sew.

For the baby shoes I used a Favourite Things pattern for ballet slippers.

(here they're stuffed with blue socks to help them hold their shape)

These are very cute, but really not at all practical. The sizes on the pattern go right up to adult size, can't really say they'd be for me!
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