Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Colette Crepe, Lined and Reversible

I'm not sure when or why I decided to line the Crepe dress. I think I was hoping the wool/viscose main fabric (bought in Hickey's Cork) would drape better, and not stick to tights too much when being worn.

I have to say that I want to try to get back into wearing dresses, Since I've had the children, they (dresses!) seem to be waaay down on my list.
Facings wouldn't be my favourite part of a garment, mostly because I find it difficult to get them to lie flat. Also, I nearly always choose to line or partially line my daughters dresses, so I'm used to sewing in linings.

So what I did was, ("Technical Alert!!)

  • cut all the pattern pieces of main fabric,
  • cut the neck facings and interfacings - but not the sleeve facings ( I thought the neck might need extra support),
  • cut all the pattern pieces of lining fabric. I used a very light cotton, almost like a voile,
  • when sewing the bodice lining to the bodice fabric, I pinned them right sides together, with the neck facing on the wrong side and sewed from one side catching in the belt to the other side also catching in the belt
  • While wrong sides were together I sewed the armhole seams
  • I clipped and notched curves and seams,
  • then using the ends of the belts I pushed them (right belt into right shoulder, left belt into left shoulder) up through the sewn shoulder seams of the lining and fabric, pulled them through completely and this turns the whole top right side out. (I topstitched all along the top of the bodice)

  • Then I sewed the side seams, putting the lining front and back right sides together (leaving a gap for the belt on one side) and did the same for the main fabric. At the gap I sewed the lining seam to the fabric seam (RS together) on both sides of the gap for a neat finish

  • to attach the skirt (after sewing the fabric skirt seams and lining skirt seams and joining them at the side seams) I put the finished bodice, into the circle created by the skirt lining and fabric RS together, matching the side seams and other seams along the waist, and sewed.

I wasn't intending to make the dress reversible, but it is, though the lining fabric is so light, that some seams and facings can be seen, so I won't be wearing it lining side out!

I took these pictures just before tea (picture 4 hungry children) so tried on the lining side a bit too quickly. It looks like the waist of the dress is lower than my waist, so I need to check this again - it may be how I tied the belt.

I prefer the dress in a patterned fabric than a plain fabric

My 12 year old son, on seeing me with the lining side out asked how many dresses I was trying on. I explained that it was the inside of the darker dress. His reply? I" I thought it was the Irish version of '27 Dresses'! (Katherine Heigl film)
I will make very few adjustments, when making it again. Now, I need to hem it and get a few wears out of it!
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  1. It is so beautiful xxx

  2. Thanks, Sara, I'm glad you like it :)

  3. Beautiful! I think I'll bookmark this because I'd love to make a lined version as well.

    Quick question - did you find that you needed all the fabric that's called for in the pattern? I want to make it up too, but it just seems like a lot of fabric, so I"m curious.

  4. Thank you Jessica. I think the lining might make sewing easier, as there would be no need for sleeve facings.
    I used less fabric, it was 2.5 metres (nearly 3 yards) of 60" fabric for the main fabric -not including the sash.The sash is very long, so probably would at least need most of a meter. Oh, and I used a different fabric layout than recommended.
    I hope this helps:) get back to me again if you think I can be of help.

  5. Thank you Angela! I see you're making a Liberty version in Gertie's sew along? That will be STUNNING, I think, and I can't wait to see it! I'm thinking of participating as well :-).

  6. I am sewing the Crepe dress now and reading to learn from other sewers. You did a marvelous job to make it fit so well. I like the dark print and the pink sash.

  7. Hello Ash, thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment on the dress. I didn't make any alterations to the pattern for this dress. Though the fit is fine, I would probably go down a size in the bodice and shorten the bodice at the waist when making it again.