Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sewing for me! A Wrap Dress - Colette Crepe.

When I saw this dress on the Colette Patterns site, it seemed like the perfect dress, which wouldn't need too many fitting alterations. I think I was right!

(The dress is not hemmed yet.)

I bought the pattern on Sewbox, a great UK site for dressmaking patterns and fabrics, and Leah's Pattern Packs with the Liberty prints were just irrestible. It was such a treat to buy a pattern and fabric and then to have the thread and interfacing also arrive, included free.
This is (hopefully) a wearable muslin. The 'real' dress will be made from Liberty fabric. I made no alterations to the pattern and it is a very easy dress to sew.
The fit of the top is loose, not too much, but loose.

The wrap-over at the back is generous and secure, meaning there's no chance of leg, or any other anatomical part, showing!

It is a very flattering shape, and if I can say that with my tummy (after 4 caesarean sections!), well, it must have a nice drape from the waist!

I used the neck facings, but not those for the sleeve,

because I lined the dress.
I'll write some more about the lining in the next post.

(again, not hemmed yet)

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  1. I love it, the contrast waist-band is lovely... My only concern about this dress, when I saw the pattern, was the tummy issue, and funny that you should say that it is so flattering...maybe I'll give it a try. I can't wait to see the Liberty one.

  2. Yours is so cute too! I wish I would have lined mine, but I planned to use that as a sample for the shop I work in, so I didn't want to do too many modifications! Definitely better to line or bind the edges! Yay!!

  3. Thanks Millie, it's great to get your opinion on it and especially the contrast belt. I'd say you'd be pleased with it. I think there's 20% via Gerties blog!

    Patty, Thanks for the lovely compliment. You would have found the lining (or binding) so much easier than the facings, you'll have to try another version;)I hope you get to wear yours.

  4. How pretty! You've sewed this dress before Gertie's sew a long even started. You are ahead of the curve. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll add you to my blog roll!

  5. Hello Karin, and this was the 'practice run'. I hope to sew the Liberty version with Gertie. Thanks for coming to have a look:)