Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Cakes and Bunting ...

My daughter turned 4 last week, and loved the whole fuss about her day. We put up some balloons and bunting the night before, which dramatically increased her excitement.

Though she helped with some of the cake decorating, we got her to close her eyes to show her the final result, and she gave me a big hug, and said thanks when she saw this chocolate castle with Cinderella.

She ended up having 3 cakes. 2 versions of the chocolate castle cake, and another cake for school.

One was for the day of her birthday, one for school and one for a small party with her cousins. I made one of the castle cakes gluten-free as both my mother and two sisters are coeliacs.

We made all the pink and purple butterflies together. Luckily we cut lots as loads broke while we were trying to dry them, so I need to find out how to do that properly.

Despite her love of pink, I was amazed that she decided to wear this turquoise/teal coloured dress, with absolutely no persuasion on my part and not a pink thread to be seen.

The fabric came free after a local shop overcharged me for other fabric, and when they corrected it, they asked would I use some scraps. There were some large scraps of this in the bag.

Though it looks like a silk, I did a burn test on it with the help of my husband (he was very puzzled as to why I would burn fabric) and I'm sure it's polyester.

All she wanted for her birthday was a music jewellery box with a ballerina inside and this was the one - again no pink!!

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  1. Three cakes! That is dedication. Nice bunting!

  2. How lovely, i too love the bunting xx

  3. Ah, Karin, "dedication" is a very nice way of putting it :-) Growing up, birthdays were not really celebrated in our family, so my children are reaping the benefit of that. And I love baking!

    Sara, I was really pleased with how the bunting turned out - being a first effort. Your girls have probably passed that pink phase.