Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Slow Start to Christmas

I think I am more disorganised than usual in preparing for Christmas. I haven't even bought Christmas cards, not to mind send any; no baking done, though really we eat very little Christmas cake and pudding, and a house that just seems to grow and reproduce laundry .... constantly!

During the recent bad snow and ice the children spent an afternoon making and decorating Christmas cards. They were so delighted with the finished cards and were deciding who they were going to be sent to.

Maybe one for a teacher?

Maybe for a friend?

Maybe for a Godmother?

This is the first time I've ever made cards with the children. I used to be quite crafty when the older two were younger - even making trains and stations from cardboard and painting them.

While we were home so much, I also thought we might do some sewing ..........

I bought these patterns from Hulu a great UK online shop,

but it never got as far as fabric.

The 5 year old and 4 year old got tracing (you can guess who did the right and left!!) and really this was an activity in itself. We never got to make up the toys, but if the weather coming is as bad as predicted, I think we might get to do some sewing.

I've made a Christmas dress and a winter coat for my daughter, but just need to take pictures in daylight.

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  1. Self made cards from kids are the best!

  2. I know. Sending the cards isn't such a chore when there was such fun making them. Thanks Karin.