Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A cinnamon Cinnamon

I had wanted to sew up this Colette pattern for a while, and when I found a lovely satin remnant for €3 I just went for it.
Having made it, a lighter or finer fabric would probably work better.

The pictures are not great, a combination of bad lighting and shiny fabric! Still, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Front view

Back view

Inside view of top.
This pattern is called a "Slip Dress" so is obviously to be worn next to the skin. I'm conscious of this with the children - finishing seams so they won't irritate the skin when worn, and I wasn't happy to leave the inside seams exposed. What I did was cut another (extra) piece for under the bust and completely enclosed these seams. I also put binding on the centre front seams just to tidy them up!

Top front
the other change I made was to put bows on the front of the straps to make them adjustable.

I made the straps adjustable because I thought this would be a perfect surprise present for a friend to cheer her up, but now I'm not so sure - maybe it's because of the name - is it a dress or a slip.... or a nightdress? Perhaps I'm over-thinking it, maybe I'll just wrap it nicely and hope the thought will count!

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  1. It is so lovely...don't overthink! I would wear it as a nightie or slip, I think it may be a bit flimsy for me, but if a girl was brave enough to wear it as one, I'd think it were beautiful too.
    Maybe in a different fabric it might be more dress-like?
    Wrap it up, she will love it!
    My Crepe pattern arrived this morning, I made a muslin, and a straight 10 fits, I only adjusted the under-bust dart. I'll start the real thing soon....hopefully!

  2. Thanks Millie, it is a lovely pattern and easy to sew, and you know, I thought it would look good as a dress too, in another fabric.
    I'm so delighted about your Crepe - that it arrived, but more so about the fit, great news! I'm really looking forward to seeing it now.

  3. This is beautiful! I plan to make some (!) of these to wear as slips - how much fabric did you need? I find Colette tends to over-estimate the yardage.

  4. That's beautiful - I love structured pieces like this. It must have been difficult to sew the slippery fabric. And what a bargain it was.

  5. Thanks Roobeedoo, the pattern makes a beautiful slip, and after making one, the second (and 3rd and 4th!) would be much quicker. I don't think the yardage is much over-estimated for this. Because I used a remnant, I can't be accurate, but there was about 1 3/4 yards of wide fabric which was plenty for a size 10.

    Mise, thank you, it is a lovely piece and such a good bargain! I found the fabric ok to work with even though it's on the bias too, but nothing could be worse than the silk chiffon I used a few months ago! The pattern gives some good tips about sewing bias cut fabric which are a great help.