Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sewing a boys jacket

There seems to be more thinking about sewing than sewing going on here at the moment, so maybe by getting it down in writing, I'll go and actually sew.

My 12 year old son is being confirmed on the middle of March, so I thought I'd make him something to wear. A few months ago when I asked him about clothes, he expressed a strong interest in a suit like James Bond .......... How do you answer that?!

Most boys seem to dress very casually for this religious ceremony, so we needed a bit of a compromise.
I had a look through Ottobre magazines where nothing really appealed, and then tried Burda Magazines where I found a pattern for a jacket that I thought might look ok, in the
Dec 2009 issue.

When he saw the picture my son agreed, so it was decided!

However ........

between the maze of patterns on Burdas pattern sheet ...

The alterations that had to be made to the pattern pieces (-that I almost missed) ....

Fittings and refittings, thankfully I have a patient son.

........this is where I am at. It's just really slow progress, with lots of figuring out, fixing and tweaking, and crossing of fingers. I'm hoping it will turn out ok

despite my inability to even pin the jacket straight for a try-on!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I would like to sew more for boys this year, I didn't imagine I would be sewing a tailored jacket!!

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  1. I think you are brave to sew a full tailored jacket! It's nice that he wants to be dressed up, I am guessing that the little girls still want fancy white dresses.

  2. Thanks Karin, yes I'm glad he wants to be dressed up, really he's not a bit fussy about clothes (yet!). The girls can also dress in their own clothes, rather than the fancy white that they wear for first communion, though some schools have long robes for them to wear at confirmation which I suppose wouldn't be a bad idea!

  3. How wonderful....your are indeed brave! It looks brilliant. Isn't it great that he is so boy would be wriggling out and running away...he is only 6 though!
    You know why the robes were introduced, don't you? To cover less than modest clothes!

  4. Millie, my 5.5 yr old would be wriggling and running too! Thanks for the comment on the jacket, I hope it'll turn out ok. I didn't know the robes were introduced to cover clothes, naively I thought it was to reduce financial pressure on parents! Having been at a confirmation last year, I can see why the robes might have been recommended.