Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lots of Tea Parties ... Part 2

Ok, so I went a bit wild with the Tea Parties! This bunch started with one I made for a niece who had just turned one, and first birthdays are special, so a little dolls dress was also deemed necessary. This one year old has a cute little 3 year old sister, and I couldn't leave her out, so I went matchy, matchy. Completely over-the-top matchy!

By the time I got to the dolls dresses, I was running out of matching fabric, but I kept them as close as I could.

Though the dolls dresses turn out really well, they are as time-consuming as the bigger dresses. I suppose leaving out the piping and ribbon would have made them much faster, but then they wouldn't be matchy!!

The insides are finished with flat-felled seams again. As these are summer dresses, they will probably be worn on their own ( on the 2 hot days we get in August;-) so I didn't want to leave scratchy seams.

And finally we have bloomers! my daughter wears leggings rather than bloomers, and because I feel I missed her 'bloomer' stage, this was my 'fix'. I topstitched the seam allowances of these to keep them neat and used French seams for the sides.

The smaller Tea Party dress is sized down from the 2Tto5 pattern to 12to18 size and I had to do the same with the bloomers. Multi-sized patterns make this relatively easy.
The main fabric is Patty Young Flora and Fauna and all the ribbons are Farbenmix.

There's one more Tea Party post, and a sneaky peek in one of the pictures above. Pin It Now!  


  1. Wow, I cannot believe you did such detailing on tiny doll dresses. They are all beautiful

  2. Beautiful! The insides are so perfectly finished too. I'm sure I've said this before but in case I haven't, I'm really impressed!

  3. Kathy, thank you! I was so happy with my first effort ever at piping on the child's dress, that I used the dolls dresses to practice it more. Liesl's directions for piping are excellent.

    Cindy, that's high praise as I am always in awe of the beautiful clothes you sew for your girls. My 'thing' is finishing and hiding seams, but it means I have to think through the steps of the pattern in detail beforehand. Also known as procrastination;-)

  4. You will be tired of hearing me say that I'm hugely impressed by these dresses, but I'm still hugely impressed.

  5. Mise, never, never tired, thank you! I'm waiting for your post where you've made one yourself for your girls.