Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sewing for School

After my complete non-show here for August, I thought I'd better make an effort for September! August was full of meeting cousins, travelling to see family, sleepovers, and more reluctantly getting school supplies in order.
The upside to the lack of sunny weather, is that there was lots of sewing - about 14 items, mostly clothing and some pieces for school.

This post could be renamed Tea-Party Part 3, as I managed to use this Oliver+S pattern for the 6th time as a school uniform for my daughter. It is unfinished in this picture.

I used navy bias binding of a different colour, which helps add structure to the dress, and the buttons are dark blue shell buttons from Raystitch

My daughter picked the lining (Robert Kaufman fabric) and I put in Minnie Mouse pockets as a surprise, as she has had a Minnie Mouse blankie since she was a baby. ( you can tell that I was sad at the thought of sending my baby off to school!). The inside of the dress is completely mismatched, but when my 13 year old niece saw it she decided she wanted a school skirt with a fun lining and pockets. I offered to teach her to sew it, so we'll see what happens.

The apron is from the Oliver+S book Little Things to Sew, and is very easy. I loved sewing it, and was amazed by the quality of the laminated cotton, so much different to oilcloth which just perforates. It's from Amy Butler and bought from Pippablue an Irish online shop.(edited to add: this is an actual shop in Galway city, and they were very helpful when I ordered this fabric) The fabric label is from Farbenmix, and put there just to add a bit of pink!

Inside view of French Seams.

A matching pencil case, front ....

... and back.

I've just realized that I also made 1 cardigan, 2 white blouses, 2 tracksuit pants and a tie, but I only have pictures of two red polo shirts added because they were the first plackets I've ever sewn,( here without buttons or an ironing) and they turned out surprisingly well considering the fabric is a knit. The pattern is from Burda magazine 4/2010 #130A

Last, but of course not least, one of the boys gets something. The six year old started reading Dr. Seuss as soon as he learnt to read in school. I bought enough Dr. Seuss fabric to make a duvet cover, but I couldn't resist cutting some off to make a pencil case. It could be slightly bigger, as there was paring down of a few pencils the night before starting school -to make them fit!

With my daughter starting school for the first time and my eldest son starting secondary school, there's been a lot of adjustment around here, and not all of it the children.
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  1. That's the loveliest school dress ever. If it were mine, I'd wear it inside out as soon as my mother was out of sight. And the pencil cases are beautiful. I feel very inadequate now for just buying boring samey dark blue stuff.

  2. The pencil cases are fun! I bet the kids will enjoy using them. I love that the school dress has fun surprises hidden in the facings and pocket. The craft apron is so much prettier than anything you can find in the stores. And last but not least, those polos' plackets look perfect!
    I'm torn between being excited that my days will have more structure once school starts (and there might even be sewing time once again!)and sadness that our lazy days and fun outings are coming to an end. I'll have 3 gone all day and only the littlest one home with me starting Tuesday.

  3. Mise, thanks, my daughter would love to wear it inside out too! I sewed most of this so I could avoid having to shop for them, so I'll raise you one on the inadequacy stakes ;-)

    Thanks Cindy, I was so pleased with the plackets as I was relying on instructions from a Burda magazine, and a book in Japanese, and they were still ok. I'm so with you on the structure vs. sadness. Your little one will be happy to have you all to herself though.

  4. Wow! You actually sewed school uniforms! They are so cheap at the supermarkets that it would never Dawn on me to bother. Then again, yours are lovely. A complete different level from Tesco's!

  5. Those are all amazing! Love the. Great work.

  6. Karin, depending on wear and tear, I could still be going to Tesco's :-) The cotton navy fabric and buttons cost approx £7, and the binding and lining fabrics were in my stash. That doesn't account for time, but at least wasn't madly expensive.

    Thanks Kathy. Sewing uniforms doesn't allow for much creativity, but I did my best :-)