Sunday, March 4, 2012

Minoru done.....

.... But I look like I'm wearing a flower garden!

Just about finished, at least enough to take pictures. All that's left is tying off some threads and putting seam sealer on the outside seams.

The Minoru is a great pattern, not too difficult to sew, and even easier with the help of the sew-a-long. I sewed a 12, maybe could have gone with a 14 as there's no room for lots of layers. The sleeves are a snug fit, not too much so, but much narrower than a regular raincoat I have. The fabric is Hilco coated cotton from Dotsnstripes

I shortened it nearly 2 inches above the waist for 2 reasons because I'm short-waisted and because I didn't want any pooling of fabric above the elastic. It worked but I think I shortened it too much.

Hood up and I used coloured hook and loop tape (bright green) on the outside, so when the hood is tucked under, the collar will stay closed over it.

Inside view, the pockets are barely visible. The fabric is organic cotton and I lined the collar and cuffs with it also? The sleeves are lined in silk and though extravagant, feels divine!

Open with collar turned down and hood out, and a lovely(not) awkward pose!

I omitted the zip in the collar, so water wouldn't collect inside. Instead I put the hood on the outside and sewed the collar differently so that the hood can be tucked under. This involved lining the outside fabric, and lining the lining fabric -if that makes sense!

I'm not sure about how it looks after all that work. I think I'll feel too self-conscious wearing it, maybe I'll wait for one of our famous misty rainy days!!

About the Waterproofing-
To make it waterproof I put tape on the inside seams. Because the fabric is silicone or acrylic coated cotton there seemed to be lots of products that were not recommended, so the tape I used was repair tape rather than sealing tape which may not work. I'm using a silicone seam sealer on the outside to be sure to be sure!!!
Helpful Blog posts:

Waterproofing Products-Irish and UK sources: (Outdoor shops selling tents etc would also have some of these kind of products)
Irish online shop

Coloured Hook and Loop Tape/ Velcro

UK source for seam tape


I have no links to any of these sites, but bought products from a few.

*** great tips* When to Apply seam tape while sewing a raincoat: Ottobre 4/09 #24 Pin It Now!  


  1. Looks great! This is the first I've seen done in a print. Thank you for all the links.

  2. Thanks Karin. There's a print version in the Flickr group, and I Pinned a Sonia Rykiel print raincoat which is similar - just in case you were looking for ideas ;-)
    There are many sites which turn up in a Google search, but these were of most use.

  3. I read this yesterday, but got called away before I got to comment! Typical!
    It is fantastic on you! I love it.
    I do hope you wear it, it looks great. You did a brilliant job waterproofing it all too.

    1. Millie, thanks for the compliment :-) I'm sure I'll wear it - after all the work that went into it.

  4. It's fabulous, Angela! I like the change you did with the collar/hood combo. And lining the sleeves with silk...divine!

    1. Cindy thanks! It's a great jacket pattern. I'll take a more detailed pic of the collar and put it on Flickr.

  5. nice! and thanks for all great links on waterproofing :)

  6. Hello, Wendy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the jacket. I hope there's something useful in the links for you.

  7. oh wow, this is so cheerful and happy - perfect for a rainy day!
    I was planning on making a waterproof minoru, but somehow I came home from the fabric shop with fancy wool yesterday... I think I might be making 2!

    1. Hello Louize, thank you :-) It sounds like you might be making 2, I keep meaning to try it in a wool fabric!