Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not an Irish Summer

Haven't sewed all week, but the sunshine....... we've had temperatures this weekend that we didn't have all last summer.

The joys...
  • sitting outside in the shade,
  • homemade ice lollies,
  • eating meals outside,
  • watching the youngest two on the swings together - sitting on the swing seat, taking a little backwards run, and wheeeee - especially the 2 year old,
  • sitting outside with the older two, just chatting and not running to 'do' something,
  • The 4 year old playing with the 2 year old calling her 'my sweet darling',
  • looking at the blue, blue sky,
  • listening to the sounds outside,
  • homemade buns, with a chocolate square inside,
  • planning the next sewing project...

Just trying to be in the moment, appreciate the moment, be happy in that moment no matter what has gone before or what is to come.
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