Thursday, May 28, 2009

One for Mama

The first dress I made for myself and I don't know what to think of it, a bit too girly, a bit too young? I couldn't resist the fabric for a dress - Heather Ross Far Far Away. Couldn't take a good picture at all, as well as the mirror being in need of a clean.

Its a Burda World of Fashion Magazine pattern 5/2009 number 124. Of course I didn't make it easy on myself. I chose a half size pattern 21 and had to size it up to a 16. I didn't line it as the fabric is double gauze, so is probably heavy enough. Instead I used binding for the armholes and neck. Will I ever wear it? That is the question! Pin It Now!  


  1. I hope you did wear it because I think it looks super cute on you.

  2. Thanks Karen, no not yet. I am blaming the weather ( for lack of anything else to blame) as our summer has been so wet, but we are having lovely sunny weathernow so I might just have to wear it.