Saturday, October 24, 2009

Costume - part 2

I make so little for the boys that when the 9 year old mentioned he would like to dress up as Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars I really wanted to make something for him. While browsing through the Oliver+S Flickr pool I got the inspiration from Pigeon-pair who made the Oliver+S pyjamas as a Luke Skywalker costume for her son.

So I sized up the pattern, changed the sleeves and added an Obi belt from Patty Young's Kyoko pattern adding cord instead of ribbon.

He loved it, especially the sleeves and how they hang down. The material was from 2 old shirts and an old pair of trousers that my husband didn't wear, which were ready for recycling.

Nothing but headaches and tension in my face again since Thursday - Counselling day. But the lightness is still there so I have that to hold onto.
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  1. fantastic!

    your costume looks great (love the sleeves) & I love that you recycled old clothes to make it too

  2. Christie, thanks for having a look. I was delighted too that I managed to make it from old clothes - it added to the fun!