Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you want...

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a Zakka book, or a toy pattern, or a childs dress pattern, or a pincushion?

I started this blog March 18th 2009 - so 1 year blogging and almost 100 posts - a milestone on this journey.

Many bloggers mark these with giveaways - so maybe I will too!

I love Japanese Sewing books, especially those with childrens clothes, but of course they are all in Japanese. I was looking forward to an English book with Japanese style and this book on
Zakka Sewing seemed to fit the bill

image from

However........... though the book is gorgeous, in English, and the projects (mostly household related - purses, bags, slippers, teatowels- some patterns need to be enlarged) are sweet and well explained, someone out there might make more use of it and enjoy it more. So do you want it?

or a Wee Wonderfuls pattern (includes pattern for bunny and 2 outfits and could be hand-sewn) which is sold out on the site

or a Little Prairie Girl dress pattern (age 1-12, new) from Favourite things

or a pincushion I made specially from Sandi Henderson Fabric, which looks good even if it were never to be used as a pincushion:)

Just let me know which you would like ........

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  1. How generous of you. I love the idea of the book, it might help me get my crafting mojo back