Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Practice Dress

Sometimes, I'll decide to challenge myself to sew differently so that I can immerse myself in it.

I have been planning to sew this type of a dress for a while, but was hoping I'd be able to buy a pattern for it. No pattern turned up, so I made my own, based on a dress my daughter wore 2 years ago.

There were lots of measurments taken and retaken, and I did a practice run by cutting up an old denim shirt (the back of the dress was the front of the shirt - except I changed the buttons, so I saved myself a bit of work).

I lined the denim and attached 2 metres of gathered white cotton with a scalloped edge to the end of the lining. The navy ribbon is velvet, but I wasn't sure about the the ric-rac ribbon, as I felt it was starting to turn into an Irish dancing costume - only lacking the embroidery!

The real issue of course was the colour, would my daughter wear blue?

Well she watched me sew in the buttons and sew on the little flowers, and I tried not to make an issue of the colour.

She tried it on, and then realised how twirly it was..............................

So that was a winner, she loved it and wanted to wear it every day.

It needs a few minor pattern alterations before I sew it up in good fabric.
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  1. wow you are so talented, when are you going to start selling your clothes xx

  2. Sara, thanks. I probably won't start selling them until my daughter and nieces stop wearing them :)