Monday, April 12, 2010


I noticed that whenever anyone uploaded pictures of 'Feliz' that there were often loads of pictures. Now I understand. It is such a masterpiece of a dress (especially with all the ruffles) that the pictures seem to be an attempt to capture the essence of the dress - and really, NO picture does this dress justice.

It took me two hours to cut out all the pieces correctly (and I wish I could say the children interupted me, but no, that was 2 hours constant cutting and matching)

The sewing was also time consuming, the truth is I felt like Beethoven composing a symphony!! (with only a little exaggeration!)

Measuring all those frills, making sure they were even, having to sew 2 rows of gathering stitches .................. well you get the picture!

And what is a dress without a hat?

The hat is another story - basically I had to draft it myself as I wanted a wide brim, unlike the other hats I have been sewing. Some measuring and a flexible ruler and crossing fingers and Violá ...

and it's reversible! Now I'll just have to make a dress to match the inside.

More pictures, just because..

I have plans to make it again for my 9 year old niece, but with less ruffles.

(Pattern: Feliz from book 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love', Fabric: Stenzo, Ribbons: Farbenmix)

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  1. What a stunning dress, you are ever so talented, I would have given up on the cutting stage. I need an adult size hat just like that!

  2. Your Feliz is so, so beautiful. I am afraid to attempt it. Partly to do with the complexity of it but also because my girls hardly ever wear dresses, (maybe 3 times a year!) Sorry I haven't stopped by in a know how it is! You have been busy sewing recently... I hope you're keeping well.

  3. Thanks 'TheMadHouse'. I might size up the hat to adult size. If i do I'll send one on.

    Millie, after my 3 boys, I turned into a real girl once my daughter was born and she thankfully loves wearing dresses (hopefully it's not just a phase!). Thanks for the compliment about the dress.
    Hope you're getting some 'me' time too, between hubby, children and the farm

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for posting lots of pictures - I agree you need heaps to show the real beauty of this stunning dress.

  5. Gorgeous dress, and the matching hat, too cute! Love how you did the ruffles, and can't wait to make this dress!

  6. It's good to read your comments Megbud and Wendy.
    Megbud - I still feel I didn't take half enough pictures:)

    Wendy - I'm looking forward to seeing the dress you make. I can't wait either to get started on another version of it.

  7. Masterpiece is correct. It is symphony of gorgeousness. You did an amazing job. Kudos to you.

  8. Kathy, thanks for your lovely comment