Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Feliz

I enjoyed sewing this dress more than the previous one because I omitted the ruffles on this one. Though I love the look of the ruffles I found them very time-consuming. I also omitted them because I was making the dress for an older child.

The most difficult part was trying to figure out how I would make the overdress (size 9-10) out of only one metre of the pink fabric - so I cut the side overdress pattern piece in half and made one half with the white patterned 'broderie anglais' fabric.

I cut an extra hem in brown for the underdress, seen below with ribbons on. I also put white binding on the hem of the pink to keep the white theme going!

I used a white cotton for most of the underdress (except the back which is brown) again because I wouldn't have had enough brown fabric for the 9-10 size.

I used French seams for finishing, except where I added the brown hem to the white. The hem of the underdress is also finished with binding (pink)

The fabric flower which I made for the front ...

The ribbon detail of the back ...

The back ...

and the front again ...

The only change I would make is to slightly shorten the straps by about .5 cm as they slip off a bit when worn.

My niece loved the dress, (and her mother too - always important!) and wore it to her cousins First Communion.

And thanks to Sew4my3 and Wendy via Flickr for the push to sew this.
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  1. Lovely Feliz! The colours are great for an older girl. It's good to see it without the ruffles, they'd be too much for me....Mainly the making part!

  2. I love it! What wonderful colors and the ribbon and flower is the perfect detail! Great work with the french seams! Now if I can find a time to get to mine!

  3. This turned out great! Perfect for the older girl, the ribbon is a wonderful addition - your an amazing sewist!

  4. Millie - it looks a bit different without ruffles alright - my main worry was how they would wash!!

    Thanks sew4my3, I really wasn't sure if the pink and brown checks would work together. I hope you get time for yours soon.

    Wendy, thanks for the lovely compliment, I'm glad you liked the dress.