Friday, May 28, 2010

The Practice Dress turned good

A little while back I posted about this denim dress and that it was a practice dress before I cut into the 'good' fabric.

This is the 'good' fabric (bought locally) and the dress is sewn.

The idea for this dress has been in my head (with a lot of other stuff!!) for about a year or more.

and it has turned out mostly how I imagined.

I made a hat - same as for the first Feliz dress - but this time lined it with a heavier cotton, and it holds its shape much better.

I could have made it a little longer, so I thought of adding a pair of short leggings. I didn't want to cut up a new pair, so I used a pair from last year, cut them just at the knees, mended a few holes! and added ruffles and ric-rac.

This is for my daughter to wear to another cousins First Communion - I suppose it's a bit over the top? - I just couldn't stop sewing!!

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  1. So lovely and girlie! The fabric is beautiful. Great leggings too.

  2. Mille, thanks - she really loves her 'rose' dress! I'm especially happy with the leggings and it's something I must try again.