Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My first 'custom' make - Part 1

My sister wanted something dressy for her daughter (my niece) to wear to her other daughters communion, so I got a 'commission' to make a dress!!

She decided on one from the
Sue&Blu 2009 magazine no. 3911 (bought from DotsnStripes)

and it was this pattern appealed to her most, so she went on an online search for the fabric. She used some of the links given on this
Dutch website

I had sewn for this niece before so I was a bit 'cool' about taking measurments (didn't take any)and had the idea (thankfully) that I would make a wearable muslin (which turned out unwearable!).

Sue&Blu and Bizzkids patterns are quite similar in writing style and are not the easiest to understand at times because of translation, and I wanted to make some changes to the back panel pieces.

This was the muslin - looking reasonable from the front

but a right old disaster from the back!

I thought I might need to put elastic in the back panel - which would explain the white stitching, and I used ribbons to hold the straps - definitely NOT a good look. When my niece tried this on, it was too short, too tight even when the elastic was taken out, and the changes I made to the straps just did not look good .

To be continued............

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  1. Oh dear..I suppose that's what muslins are for!

  2. I know! Major lesson learnt, especially when the dress material was almost irreplaceable.