Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'Custom' Make - Part 2

The only colour material my sister could get was the navy/white, which also happened to be my favourite. There was a bit of a saga to buying the material which involved her reopening an old bank account because the seller wouldn't take credit cards/paypal!

The border pattern on the fabric meant that the pattern layout and cutting took me quite a few hours.

As I had made a muslin, sewing the dress up was straight forward. There is netting to give the skirt shape, and I lined the whole inside to make sure it would be comfortable to wear.

The neckline looks uneven in these pics, because the dress was only pinned at this stage.

I had considered making the shoulder straps adjustable, but after another fitting (my poor niece) I decided they didn't need to be.

My sister decided the dress needed something over it.............(Part 3!)
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