Thursday, July 8, 2010


I mentioned my friend in these posts, first here, then here. More than a month ago she got good news that her treatment was working. Then 2 weeks ago our mutual friend rang to say she had been diagnosed with secondaries on her lung and was having trouble with breathing. I knew that sounded bad.

She died Saturday July 3rd, only 42.

I hadn't seen her in two years, last spoke to her about a year ago, sent some texts and an odd card, and was away for her funeral. It all seems so unreal, and seems like I haven't said goodbye to her, seems like she couldn't possibly be gone.

She was an amazing person, always concerned for others - the careers of junior colleagues, the lives of people with disabilities - with a great ability to think on her feet, and always know the right thing to do.

Some things I'm grateful for:

  • when she was starting her academic career in 2004 , I added her name to an article I had written and it became her first publication

  • all the dark chocolate she supplied me with when I returned to work after maternity leave - and was struggling ( she had bought a stash, but realised that it was cooking chocolate, so went and bought some more).

  • the hug I gave her when she returned to work after a devastating incident when she had tried to resusitate an toddler

  • how she helped me organise my time so I could do some work from home

I hope I will remember many more.

‘Please don’t cry for me
My time on earth is over
But please smile with me as we were honoured to have shared this time together’

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