Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Short Break

We went to North Wales for about a week for a holiday - that is our main summer holiday as my husband is very busy for the rest of the summer.

We stayed in a very pretty village - Beddgelert,

Saw a little squirrel in a slate mine!

Trains on top of Snowdonia (look closely!)

trains at the bottom of Snowdonia,

Festiniog Railway trains,

and lots more...
... and saying goodbye to trains at the end of the holiday...

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  1. We love trains ...especially on holiday! Wales is so lovely. We drive often drive through it while visiting family. Glad you all got away for a break.

  2. I hope you got some nice weather during your holiday in North Wales. It really is a beautiful spot.

  3. Mille, That Wales is so close and we can take a ferry are major plusses. We are lucky to have the Clonakilty Model Village nearby - to bring back the holiday feelings!!

    Pippablue - thanks for stopping by - we had plenty rain, but at least it was warm