Thursday, December 30, 2010


My daughters preschool has a concert where they dress up with costumes from the nativity or any other costumes that can be put together easily. Last year I made the 3rd boy a crown and a cape so he could be a king. This year I asked my daughter what she wanted to dress up as and got the answer " a queen"? It took a little questioning before we realized that she didn't know what the nativity was and simply wanted to be a queen because her brother was a king.

After telling her about the nativity, she decided to dress as Mary, mostly so that she could bring a doll to school as Jesus. The costume was made in less than 2 hours. I used the bodice of Kyoko by Patty Young, a rectangle for the skirt and my own idea for the head-dress. The head-dress included some elastic at her forehead to keep it on.

She made such a sweet Mary, and ended up letting a friend of hers hold the doll while they were singing. She wore the costume the whole evening after, which must be a first!

I can't believe Christmas has passed so quickly. A two-day visit to where I grew up in North Cork to see my nieces, probably made the days pass even quicker. Back home, it's only tonight that we've brought some of the Lego avalanche under control! The children have been playing and building it happily, with only breaks to play the digital Irish version of monopoly - that did cause some arguments!

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