Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ottobre Winter Clothes

This year it took me ages to start sewing my daughters winter coat. I found it very difficult to get a wool fabric in a bright colour. Eventually I bought a bright pink from "Threads of Green".

The pattern is from Ottobre 5/2006, a lovely coat pattern, that I made without any alterations to the pattern!!!

The lining is my favourite, a liberty poplin bought from Sewbox, a UK online shop. It also took me forever to find a lining fabric that would match the bright pink. So that it would be less extravagant, I lined the sleeves and the inside of the beret with a very cheap cotton voile.

It must be the colour of this coat, but it get's loads of compliments!

This is the dress I made for my daughter for Christmas. The pattern is Ottobre 4/2005 which I modified. So, I changed the hem, cuffs and collar and added a lining and netting. I picked the pattern because I liked the design of the bodice, and I topstitched the princess seams in black just to add detail.

The fabric is an embroidered and embellished silk that had 75% off in a sale in Hickey's, Cork. It was originally €60 a metre. Getting it for €15 a metre meant that I wasn't worried about cutting or sewing the fabric. I would have been terrified to cut it at full price!

The black velvet trim was bought locally and is a beautiful cotton velvet, also expensive, but I needed less than a quarter of a metre. I love how it looks and my daugher even agreed to wear her serviette tucked around her for her Christmas dinner - something she normally refuses! I pre washed the fabric, so it will go back into the washing machine, maybe after today's dinner.

I know I only write here mostly about my daughter rather than my sons, because mostly I sew for her. My eldest boys get most of their good clothes bought for them by my mother, and my husbands mother knits jumpers for them. The 3rd boy has lots of good clothes passed down from his brothers, so there is nearly enough to clothe 3, 5 year olds!

I'm not a great one for making resolutions, but this year I would like to sew more for my boys! Let's see how that goes!

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  1. Your daughter's coat is stunning! She must love it. And any little girl would love a dress with all that tulle peaking out. Happy 2011!

  2. Wow...what a lovely coat....great job! And the as lovely. I find sewing for my boy a challenge...but one that I enjoy so much...finding fabric is the real challenge!

  3. Karin, Thanks for such a lovely compliment. She loves the coat, mostly for the colour. I've wanted to make a classic dress like this for a while, so Christmas was the only excuse I needed!
    Many Happy Returns to you.

    Millie, thanks, that's such a great reaction to get :-) It's good to hear you enjoy the challenge of sewing for your boy. I think I'll sit down with a few Ottobre's to have a look at some patterns - that might get me started.