Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vanity Cases! - Gifts for nieces

I had started sewing these a few weeks before Christmas, to see how they would turn out as I was hoping they would be good enough for gifts. The first two I made were with the Kaufman Ladybird fabric, and Ottobre decided to add seam allowances for a change, and of course so did I. I can't say that it was fun having to go back and cut the allowances off of interfacing, fabric and batting!!

After making the first one, I made some changes to the construction method. I sewed the lining and fabric to each side of the zip at the same time. Also I sewed binding over the zip ends after joining them together to form a circle, this made for a much neater finish. My daughter claimed one of the cases at this stage, and wanted me to give the other to her cousin who is also her best friend.

I added ribbons to the zip-pulls to make them easier to open.

This cousin has 2 older sisters, one being my goddaughter, and I had it in mind that I wanted to make them cases too. They didn't get made before Christmas, even though I had the fabric cut out, as I was trying not to pile too much pressure on myself. On Stephen's night, I finally decided that I would make 2 more cases as we were visiting these cousins the following day.

The case with the Farbenmix owls is for my goddaughter, and 4th one without owls or ladybirds is for her 9 year old sister as I wasn't sure if she would find the others too babyish.

For the lining, the striped fabric is a heavier cotton from DotsnStripes, last year, and the other cottons I bought locally.
I sewed them fairly quickly, despite mistaking the handle pieces for the side pieces, and I love how they turned out. After making 4 of them, I don't want to sew circle pieces to straight pieces for a long time, but I will make them again........... sometime!

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  1. This was one of those patterns that when I first saw it, I thought it would be a neat one to try. Your's look great and I appreciate how you shared what worked best in constructing them.

  2. Cindy, thanks for coming to have a look and commenting. The construction stuff can be a bit boring unless someone else is also trying to work through the pattern, so it's good to know it can be of help :-) I'd love to see your version of it if you get to try it.