Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Present for my godchild... 1

One of my nieces turned 6 on Monday. Though she can be fussy about clothes and the colours she likes (according to her parents), the dress I made her last year is on a constant wear/wash/dry/wear rotation! It is a Burda magazine pattern (11/08#139A) made with Stenzo babycord. The hat is from Ottobre - (1/05#20).

I have made this pattern a few times, and though the pleats take time to measure and topstitch, the pattern is one of my favourites.

I'm hoping she'll like this years present even half as much. The pinafore is an Ottobre pattern (6/07#16) that I traced almost a year ago.

I had it mostly sewn early in Feb, so I only had the hem and buttons to sew before I posted it The fabric is Bizzkids babycord from DotsnStripes and the polka dot fabric is Stenzo from Volksfaden, I also lined the dress and hat with pink gingham.

The hat pattern I've used loads of times (Ottobre 1/05#20).

I also altered the pattern by putting in buttons instead of the zip

As she is my godchild I made her a second outfit post......
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