Sunday, June 20, 2010

Japanese Magazines

My brother was in Japan recently for a friends wedding and I asked if he had some time, would get some Japanese sewing books. I sent him an e-mail with the pictures so he took that to show to the newsagents.

The bride (Japanese) was very amused at the idea that an Irish person would be able to use these and kindly offered to translate!

Of course there is lots that I cannot make head nor tail of, but there is plenty I can - lots of patterns and sewing instructions!

These are pages from Cotton Friend

- I prefer this magazine as the sewing instructions and drawings are clearer.

This pic, below, is from Pochee - the clothes in this seem to involve more detailed sewing techniques,

and the sewing instructions seem to be less clear - at least they are more crowded on the page!

I'm still deciding what to start on -- probably something for the children, though there are some nice bags and hats (adult sized) too........ Pin It Now!  

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