Monday, June 21, 2010

Sewing 'Bizzkids'

Thank goodness for sewing.
I had a pattern traced from this magazine (Bizzkids 2009 - bought from DotsnStripes) since last summer, and so I sewed!

(Bizzkids 2009 #4127, page 39 and 40)

I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out - as I winged it a bit with the instructions. The magazine uses words like 'Frontpass', 'Counterfrontpass', 'Backpass' and 'Counterbackpass' - it means there's a lot of puzzled looking at pattern pieces going on.

This is the back -

my daughter wore it all day so lots of wrinkles. She also requested a hat to match, which won't be a problem as I have fabric left over.

This is the front. I omitted the zip, really to reduce hassle in making it!

The skirt is lined, with the outer fabric gathered to fit the lining - so creating the bubble effect.

So I suppose I better get started on the hat....
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