Friday, July 30, 2010

Yet another Feliz, so .. again .. lots of pictures!

I'm not too sure how I ended up sewing another Feliz, especially after the time this one took! My niece is six tomorrow. Last year I made her 2 dresses and she really liked the twirly one. Her mother sews, and had admired the Feliz dress, so I mentioned I would sew one for this years birthday.

Like the other dresses, I sewed French Seams for a neat finish, added lots of ribbon, all Farbenmix, except the elephant one.

There had to be accesories to match, and perhaps I went a 'little' over-the-top!! - so a bag, purse and hat were also added.

The ruffles didn't seem to be as difficult this time, though still take ages.

The hat pattern is my own and the bag and purse patterns were adapted from a Japanese magazine - Cotton Friend Autumn 2008. This is a sweet bag for a girl who likes to carry things around with her.

My daughter (3) modeled it for me - so it's much too long on her - which happily means that it should be ok for the birthday girl.

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