Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sewing Magazines

-I love the day each month when I decide that it's time to take a trip to Cork, about a 40 odd mile round trip, so I can go to Easons and get three sewing magazines Burda, Sew Hip and Sewing World.

Burda is a favourite for patterns. I have the last 8 issues and i have a childs dress from most of them. Another thing I have noticed about them is that most of the fashion that is illustrated in the pages appears in boutiques a few weeks or months later. That is quite impressive. I love browsing through the pages, and imagining how the designs would suit me. I can pick some that wouldn't fairly immediately. Trousers and skirts with pleats or gathers at the waist are a no-no! Above right is a blouse from Burda 3/2009. The skirt is Ottobre. Below are some of the childrens dresses I have made in the last few months. The two below top are from the same pattern Burda 11/2008 which I loved making. The dress on the bottom Burda 1/2009 needed some alterations to the neck to fit over my daughters head, but is always complimented and commented on when she is wearing it.

Sew Hip for fabric designers and everything to do with sewing. This is only being published for the last 6 or 7 months and I have every issue. This is a gem when it comes to fabric and fabric designers. I have been following Sandi Henderson's blog and I was wondering lately how ever did I come across her. I saw pictures of her patterns in issue 1 of Sew Hip and went directly to her website and blog. I fell for her fabrics in a big way, though haven't bought many of them .... yet! They are so bright, cheerful and fun - so well worth checking out.

and Sewing World for general info on all things sewing. This has lots of bits and patterns for accessories, but comes across as a bit more conservative and maybe for - I don't know how to put this as I am more middle-aged than young!! - but for the much older sewer? - but I am so open to being corrected - and it's just my impression!
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