Saturday, October 31, 2009

Burda sewing with a teeny bit of Ottobre

Another niece, another dress!! The niece I made this dress for is eight and I had no idea of her measurements. I remembered this dress from Burda 7/2009 and thought it might suit her and fit well because it is a wrap dress.

I made it a size bigger in width and the correct length for her age.

The fabric is fine cord which I got online from Dots and Stripes in a sale.

I added the ribbon to brighten up the dress and to give the front edges some weight, and keep the wrap edges from flapping open too much. It was an easy dress to make, even the ties which normally take me forever.

And it looks very well on her and fit her perfectly

To finish off the look I made her a headscarf/bandana to match from my own pattern.

She loved this and put on the dress and bandana immediately after opening them.

The other Burda sewing I finished was this coat. My sister mentioned she was looking for a coat for her daughter so I made 146 from Burda 9/2009

I altered it by leaving out the belt and cuff details, but instead added a velvet collar and pocket welts.

This coat seemed to take me forever. I had to rip out the shoulders twice, I had to fip out the front and back seams, because I thought it was too tight. The collar needed to be ripped as it wasn't straight. There was lots of handsewing for the lining. On the plus side I love the pockets!

To complete the outfit I made a hat from Ottobre 1/2005, which I made before. It looks adorable on my niece, so I hope she'll wear it!
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